€39.95 (VAT incl.)
2x1 SALE- Buy a Best Breathe nasal dilator and we will send you another one that is TOTALLY FREE Best Breathe is an anatomical nasal dilator that alleviates breathing problems when sleeping, avoiding snoring and...
Insoles - Custom Step Insoles - Custom Step
Limited special offer
€19.95 (VAT incl.) €29.95
Custom Spen is a custom biomechanical insole that helps eliminate pain, reduce muscle fatigue, and prevent and cure any type of joint ailment. Manufactured with the revolutionary active carbon formula: it adapts to...
Lift & Shape - 2x1 Sujetador Lift & Shape - 2x1 Sujetador Lift & Shape - 2x1 Sujetador
Limited special offer
€8.95 (VAT incl.) €9.95
High support bra. Get a firm and seductive breast. Cupless: to be worn in conjunction with a normal bra. SUPER OFFER: includes two bras, one black and one beige.
Caresse Jeans Caresse Jeans Caresse Jeans
Limited special offer
€19.92 (VAT incl.) €29.95
GET 2 FOR THE PRICE OF 1! Leggings with high waist for women. Leggings with jeans effect. With inner lining: perfect for fall and winter. Available in three different styles: jean blue, weathered jean blue and...
Walkfit – Orthopedic insoles Walkfit – Orthopedic insoles
Limited special offer
€19.94 (VAT incl.) €34.99
Realign your spine and eliminate foot, knee, hip and back pain with the new Walk fit Platinum insoles. Gel pad that absorbs and cushions impacts where your feet need it most. Soft and flexible. Suitable for all types...
One Wipe - Wheel polish One Wipe - Wheel polish One Wipe - Wheel polish
Limited special offer
€22.46 (VAT incl.) €29.95
Wheels like new with this One Wipe polish. It does not contain silicone and does not dry out or cause cracks in the rubber. Its effect lasts even after several washes and months.
Nailime - Lima electrónica Nailime - Lima electrónica 2x1 Nailime - Lima electrónica
Limited special offer
€19.47 (VAT incl.) €29.95
La lima eléctrica Nailime suaviza, perfila y pule las uñas de los pies y de las manos con un acabado natural potenciando el brillo natural de las uñas. Eléctrica e inalámbrica. Tres cabezales intercambiables: lima,...
€29.95 (VAT incl.)
Home slippers exclusively designed for men and women. With their high density viscoelastic foam pad they adapt perfectly to the feet provided rest and pain relief. Memory Foam shoes have a non-slip hard rubber sole...
€29.99 (VAT incl.)
Foam pillow with Memory Foam for legs. Comfy Pillow conforms to your hips, knees and thighs, aligning your spine, relieving pain while you sleep and correcting your postural problems. Great for chain, sciatica, and...