Soft Touch Clean - Cepillo limpieza facial


Facial cleansing brush: exfoliates while cleaning dirt, grease, makeup remains, dead skin and impurities from the face, achieving a firming effect.

For all skin types.

Silicone filaments: of two different thicknesses.

Anti-aging system: its silicone waves help reduce wrinkles, fine lines and signs of aging.

Resists water.

Vibration modes: 4 different intensities.

€19.99 (VAT incl.)
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We present Soft Touch Clean, the most innovative product for facial care and beauty. A new product from the Soft Touch by Dermalisse range that will completely revolutionize your daily hygiene ritual. Soft Touch Clean is a gentle and elegant device that cleans dirt, grease, make-up residues, dead skin and impurities. As a result, you will have a fresher and healthier skin.

The secret of Soft Touch Clean are these silicone filaments of two different thicknesses. The finest ones will take care of general facial cleansing. The thicker ones, as well as the curved shape of the device, will allow you to complete your cleaning by reaching the most difficult areas. And you can also combine it with your favorite facial cleansing and beauty products. Soft Touch Clean will enhance its effect, helping greater absorption and penetration into the skin.

Soft Touch Clean also has an anti-aging system. On the back of the device, there are silicone waves that will help reduce your wrinkles, fine lines and signs of aging, leaving you with a smoother and more luminous skin.

Soft Touch Clean is created with care and attention to detail, so that you end the day as you deserve: clean and relaxed. Its soft touch combined with a slight vibration, will make you feel a massage effect when applied that will help relax your face and skin, and with which you will also achieve a firming effect.

Soft Touch Clean has four speeds for personalized care, adapting to your needs and skin type and a modern, elegant and 100% waterproof design. Soft Touch Clean is respectful with your skin. It has an exfoliating effect that takes care of your face every day, avoiding harsh sessions with aggressive products typical of facial cleansing.

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Soft Touch Clean - Cepillo limpieza facial
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