€19.99 (VAT incl.)
Foam pillow with Memory Foam for legs. Comfy Pillow conforms to your hips, knees and thighs, aligning your spine, relieving pain while you sleep and correcting your postural problems. Great for chain, sciatica, and...
Anti-Reflective Car Visor Perfect View Anti-Reflective Car Visor Perfect View Anti-Reflective Car Visor Perfect View
Limited special offer
€19.96 (VAT incl.) €24.95
Anti-glare sun visor for car. Anti-Glare: protects the eyes from sunlight and the glare of spotlights at night. Simple Installation: It is very quick and easy to install, just pop it on the top visor and easily snap...
Premium Chef Multi Chopper Premium Chef Multi Chopper Premium Chef Multi Chopper
Limited special offer
€14.98 (VAT incl.) €29.95
Professional five-in-one kitchen appliance. Prepare healthy recipes quickly! Five devices in one: cutter, laminator, juicer, mixer and wringer. Easy Push system: three stainless steel blades that mince food quickly...
Universal vacuum packing lids Total Fresh Lids Universal vacuum packing lids Total Fresh Lids Universal vacuum packing lids Total Fresh Lids
Limited special offer
€14.98 (VAT incl.) €29.95
Set of 5 universal vacuum packing lids. Universal: adapts to any type of container (tableware, metal, plastic or glass). Ecological polymer composition: preserves your food in a vacuum, preserving its original flavor...
€49.99 (VAT incl.)
Eco Water Chiller is a portable air conditioner that cools, humidifies and purifies your environment in seconds. Portable and lightweight: take it anywhere with ease. Active carbon filter: fresh and safe air thanks to...
Housy Bags - Vacuum storage bags Vacuum storage bags Housy Bags Housy Bags - Vacuum storage bags
Limited special offer
€14.99 (VAT incl.) €19.99
Vacuum storage bags. 6 bags of 3 sizes: 2 S, 2 M and 2 L. Save everything!: clothes, bedding, duvets, pillows, blankets ... Maximum protection: keep your clothes away from moths, mites, dirt, humidity and odors. 100%...
€14.95 (VAT incl.)
Hanger for 8 garments, ideal to save space in your wardrobe and to place your clothes in an orderly way so that they can all be seen at a glance. Foldable, modern, innovative design Large capacity: 8 hangers linked...
€19.99 (VAT incl.)
Brush with disposable head for cleaning the toilet. The most hygienic and ecological option. Total cleanliness without germs: The WC Max heads contain dry detergent for easy cleaning without the need for additional...
€14.99 (VAT incl.)
Antibacterial silicone sponge to scrub and clean any surface. Honeycomb structure: increased strength to remove dirt without damaging surfaces Made of resistant silicone: non-porous material that dries faster...
€7.95 (VAT incl.)
Electric crumb catcher with ladybug design. Multipurpose: mini vacuum cleaner for all types of dirt. To clean the table after eating, car seats, sofas, carpets, etc.
€19.95 (VAT incl.)
Two-in-one electric mosquito repellent. Control of insect and rodent. Effective for: flies, mosquitoes, wasps, moths, cockroaches, spiders, ants, rats, mice ... You do not need any type of installation. Ratio up to...

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