SuperCut multitool


The Super Cut multitool is the best friend of the handyman. Get with it a 3 in 1: pliers, precision scissors and cutter. You have it at the best price in EHS.

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€19.95 (VAT incl.) €29.95
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The Super Cut multitool will instantly take a preferential place in your tool house. Especially because of its versatility. And you have on the same device a precision scissors, a pair of pliers and a cutter . Forget about constantly changing tools. Super Cut will help you to go faster (up to 40% of time saved) getting spectacular results. In addition, and use is the simplest and is a safe multi-tool, with a locking system that protects you from possible accidents and a anti-slip handle . One of the things we emphasize is that your system manages to cut 60% less effort. That is to say, that anyone can face cuts of hard materials such as metal, without having to make the maximum effort. In addition, you will earn up to 35% in terms of accuracy. We are facing a very hard tool, ready to cut and cut for years. You will be with her forever. Now you can throw away the dangerous cutters and other cutting tools that are not effective, they cost a lot of money and they accumulate dust in your toolbox.

The multitool that cuts it all

The best thing about Super Cut is that there is nothing that can resist it due to its sharp titanium coated blades . You can cut virtually any material, from the hardest to the most delicate. This multitool cuts metal, cardboard, rubber, cables, wood, plastic, food ... In fact, even professionals use it to work on a day-to-day basis. Use it where you want, do not limit yourself to DIY. We also recommend it for cooking, crafts, housework. Super Cut is going to be your favorite tool. To make matters worse, Super Cut includes an extra blade set . Buy Super Cut at EHS and get the best multitool on the market at a very low price, and with the best after-sales conditions.

13 x 25 x 2 cm.
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SuperCut multitool SuperCut multitool
Limited special offer
€19.95 (VAT incl.) €29.95
The Super Cut multitool is the best friend of the handyman. Get with it a 3 in 1: pliers, precision scissors and cutter. You have it at the best price in EHS.
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