Military flashlight Spartan Light 2x1

The Spartan Light military torch offers ten times more light than a normal torch and is virtually unbreakable. Take advantage of the offer and take two flashlights at the price of one. Add a unit to the cart and you will comfortably receive two Spartan Light flashlights in your home.
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The military flashlight used by US special forces is called Spartan Light , and is available exclusively at EHS, the largest telemarketing in Spain. The first thing that stands out from Spartan Light, the best military torch, is that it is ultra-resistant , thanks to the high quality aluminum with which it is made. This product has been tested through the more demanding tests , and has shown that it is practically impossible to break it. For example, the flashlight continues to work inside a block of ice. And also submerged in the water, even though it is boiling. Not even after being crushed by the wheels of a truck breaks. In addition, it is capable of withstanding falls of more than fifteen meters.

More features of this military flashlight

Spartan Light has so much power that it can light up any room, so it's perfect to have it at home and use it during blackouts, for example. In addition, it is very compact and lightweight (13x4 cm), it can be carried anywhere or stored without hardly occupying space. As for its zoom, it gets 200 increases , which makes it an ideal companion to go to the field with it (hunting, fishing, excursions, camping ...). It is a product created to last, that resists any inclemency. Works with two AAA batteries , has 250 lumen power and includes a strap to make it more manageable.

The different modes of the Spartan Light military flashlight

This spectacular lantern offers different intensities and luminosity modes, so you can choose the best one in each moment or situation.

  1. Super bright mode . Get a power ten times higher than a normal flashlight.
  2. Intermediate light mode .
  3. Low light or low intensity light .
  4. Auto defense mode. It is a very intense intermittent light that seeks to intimidate and disorient attackers or thieves.
  5. SOS mode . SOS message in perfect MORSE code to be used in emergency or accident situations.

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13 x 4 cm.
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