€139.99 (VAT incl.)
CardioVida is the leg exerciser that activates our muscles and joints, allows us to walk even when sitting down and you can use it anywhere. EFFORTLESS: Passively exercise your legs without worrying about injury...
Power Flex 360 – Core trainer Power Flex 360 – Core trainer
Limited special offer
€52.49 (VAT incl.) €69.99
Power Flex 360 is the most complete and effective abdominal exerciser on the market to achieve flat abs and a toned body with just a few minutes of training a day. Power Flex 360 stimulates the abs and the body from...
Cannabigel - Relaxing Gel Cannabigel - Relaxing Gel Cannabigel - Relaxing Gel
Limited special offer
€19.99 (VAT incl.) €29.99
Relaxing body massage cream with cosmetic properties. Composed with CBD: natural, safe and non-addictive component. Contains omega 3 and 6: repairs and rejuvenates the skin.
Microfiber towel Makito Curt - Absorbent microfiber towel Microfiber towel
Limited special offer
€7.16 (VAT incl.) €7.95
Quick-drying microfiber towel. Compact and lightweight: ultralight and easy to store in small spaces. Perfect to save space. Absorbent and quick-drying: thanks to the microfiber they dry faster than conventional...
€39.95 (VAT incl.)
2x1 SALE- Buy a Best Breathe nasal dilator and we will send you another one that is TOTALLY FREE Best Breathe is an anatomical nasal dilator that alleviates breathing problems when sleeping, avoiding snoring and...
Entrénate en casa - DVD Entrénate en casa - DVD Entrénate en casa - DVD
Limited special offer
€8.95 (VAT incl.) €9.95
DVD to enter every day from home. 3 different classes: people coach, yoga and customize your trainin . If you want to do a complete workout without leaving home, go for it! and try all these exercises that we offer...
Reduform - Rapid weight loss method Reduform - Rapid weight loss method Reduform - Rapid weight loss method
Limited special offer
€39.95 (VAT incl.) €59.95
Do you want to lose weight fast? Reduform is the definitive system that helps you lose weight thanks to the combination of girdle, reducing cream, exercise and diet. Girdle with micro-compressor pressure points:...
Activa T - Acupressure Knee Brace Activa T - Acupressure Knee Brace Activa T - Acupressure Knee Brace
Limited special offer
€19.99 (VAT incl.) €29.99
OFFER 2ND UNIT FOR ONLY 9,99 € Buy 2 Avtiva T and the second unit will cost you only 9,99 € (discount applicable when payment is made). Acupressure system: For men and women. Eliminate chronic pain in the back,...
€19.99 (VAT incl.)
UNISEX support girdle with advanced technology to relieve muscle and joint pain. With fabric with copper technology: absorbs sweat and any odor from daily activity or work rhythm. Flexible and comfortable: Adjustable...

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