Cardiovida Piernas Walking Machine


Shape your heart without making any effort.

€149.95 (VAT incl.)
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With the Cardiovida Legs walking machine you will keep fit without making any effort. Do you spend the day in the office sitting at the computer? Does sedentary lifestyle begin to be a problem in your health? Do you have any kind of problem that keeps you from walking? With this walking machine, you will recover the strength of your legs, put your heart and circulatory system to work and you will be healthier. Using it is the simplest. Put one foot on each of the platforms, press the remote control and let Cardiovida Legs 'walk' for you. Every three hours of activity in the device equals one walking at a high pace. Get fit without realizing.

Legs Cardiovida Walking Machine is the best monitored passive training

With the passive training of this walking machine the muscles are strengthened and the heart and the rest of the circulatory system are stimulated. It is perfect for preventing or treating cardiovascular diseases or leg problems.

Also, if you use it at work, you will see how your body posture improves, eliminating the symptoms of postural fatigue.

Improve the appearance of your legs and say goodbye to cellulite without making any effort. It has remote control to handle it comfortably, in addition to five different speeds. Using it is very simple; there is no age limit to do so.

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