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Relax socks offer a feeling of continuous massage on the legs thanks to anti fatigue compression. With EHS you can buy them at the lowest price in the market. Add two pairs of socks to the cart and you will see how the discount applies.
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Relax socks are the best company to get a relaxing feeling in the legs and feet. Thanks to them you can walk or stand for hours with the feeling that you are sitting comfortably. Only with them is it possible to have more relaxed legs and improve blood circulation in that area. Anti-fatigue compression is what makes Relax socks stimulate blood circulation in the legs, creating a stimulating effect and offering the sensation of continuous massage in the lower extremities. Due to its zones of gradual pressure it is possible to relax legs and feet at a muscular level, while avoiding possible pains.

Why do we recommend the Relax Socks?

Relax socks can be used on a day-to-day basis and without having any kind of problem, because they are extremely comfortable. In addition, there is no restriction of sex, age or weight to be able to take them. We recommend them especially for domestic work or those that require many hours of standing. And also for jobs that involve important physical activity. In addition, the fabric with which they are made (cotton and Lycra mainly) socks Relax is very soft, so it improves the feeling of comfort. And they do not squeeze at all. Do you have swollen feet, ankles or calves? Try these socks and you'll see how this swelling subsides in just a few moments. It is a very discreet socks, which can be used with all types of footwear. There are two colors to choose from (beige and black), plus three sizes. Take advantage of the EHS offer and get these socks at the best price with an offer that offers two pairs for the price of one, plus a cream for the feet of gift. Only at EHS will you find products such as Relax socks, the originals announced on TV. Trust the telemarketing leader in Spain and Portugal.

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