Nova Pillow - Memory Foam Pillow


Memory Foam pillow with two intensity levels that provides a complete and restorative rest experience.

Nova Pillow is the gel and active carbon pillow that ensures head and neck support, keeping your spine perfectly aligned.

€29.99 (VAT incl.)
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Do you sleep badly? Do you wake up tired? Can't sleep well? So it is impossible to sleep well. And that we spend a third of our lives sleeping. EHS introduces the latest pillow innovation, Nova Pillow. The only smart pillow in the world that combines two different sides of comfort to provide you with a complete and restorative sleep experience.

The blue side of Nova Pillow is made with Cooling Gel that keeps the pillow cool throughout the night and regulates your body temperature avoiding sweating and helping you sleep better. The thicker black side is made up of activated carbon, a plant substance that eliminates odors and drives away germs and dust mites, purifying the air while you rest.

Nova Pillow is the only pillow that offers two different density levels. The blue part is soft and fluffy, for those who love a good soft pillow, while the black part is firmer and more compact, for those who prefer a more consistent support for their head.

To that we must add its special cover that enhances the effects of Nova Pillow. It has a white side, composed of silk fiber that reinforces the cooling power and provides greater well-being in the entire shoulder, neck and back area, while the gray side is impregnated with graphene, a technology that improves deodorization and sanitization. Thus Nova Pillow reduces allergy problems, guaranteeing optimal hygiene.

Nova Pillow also incorporates Memory Foam technology, which memorizes your figure by adapting to you. Nova Pillow ensures head and neck support, keeps your spine aligned and relieves pressure points on the back for an unparalleled comfort effect.

In addition, Nova Pillow includes an active air recirculation system with holes that maintains an optimal rest temperature and prevents sweating processes for an optimal and restorative rest.

Nova Pillow is easy to wash and very soft. It comprises up to 7 technologies in 1, which make Nova Pillow the best pillow in the world. Finally sleep in one go.

60x40 cm
White and gray pillowcase
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Nova Pillow - Memory Foam Pillow
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