Equilibrium cane

With the Equilibrium cane you will always be safe. It is extendable, weighs nothing and has a foot with a kneecap that adapts to any terrain. Take advantage of the EHS offer.

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The Equilibrium cane is the perfect companion to take each step safely. It is perfect for any age, weight or height. It adapts to all types of terrain, so we recommend it for home, spend postoperative, go for a walk on the street or in the countryside ... One of the factors that distinguishes the Equilibrium cane is its lightness and the possibility you have of folding so that you can save it in any drawer. And also to take it with you anywhere comfortably. Equilibrium weighs little, but it holds absolutely everything. His secret is in the foot with suction cups to better grip the ground, and in his kneecap that allows the cane to rotate with the base supported. It is this revolutionary system that allows the greatest security in each step, and also that the stick remains standing without the need for you to hold it.

More advantages of the Equilibrium staff

In case you need to use the Equilibrium cane at night or in areas of your low visibility house (for example, to get up to the bathroom at night), two LED lights are incorporated. One of them points forward and is perfect for walking safely on night walks. The other one points down and lets you see where you're going. Another advantage that we highlight is its solid and ergonomic handle , which ensures the best grip at all times. In addition, the Equilibrium cane is adjustable in height , a feature that makes it suitable for people of any size. Take advantage of the limited time offer to get this cane from the EHS website. Only in it will you find this product, the same one that is advertised on television, and that is not sold in any other store. At EHS we work to find the best products to improve the welfare of our customers, always at the most competitive prices.

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84-94 cm. (altura desplegado)



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