Knee pad Activa-T

The Activa-T brace can help correct bad postures and mitigate uncomfortable pains by pressing on the sciatic nerve. You can buy it at the best price through EHS.

€29.95 (VAT incl.)
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Thanks to the Activa-T brace you can live better in your day to day life. And this knee brace can help reduce all kinds of pain and discomfort, especially lumbar. If you suffer or have suffered ailments of this type, you will know that they are very uncomfortable. The latest generation Sport-T knee brace is the best ally to maintain your usual rhythm of activity at all times, even if you suffer from lumbar pain. The direct pressure exerted on the sciatic nerve can relieve irritations or persistent pains. Using it is very simple. You have to place it on the leg, below the knee with the corresponding letter. That is, the R (right) for the right and the L (left) for the left. The size is unique, it is regulated to adapt to all kinds of people, so it can be used by the whole family.

The most discreet knee brace

If you do not want anyone to know you're wearing an Activa-T brace, there's no problem. It is very discreet, it can be worn quietly under clothes. As for conservation tips, you have to wash the kneepad by hand, do not iron it and do not use a tumble dryer to keep its properties intact. Activa-T is made with 80% neoprene and 20% polyester. It is quality materials, which guarantee the durability of the product for years and years. We are facing a revolutionary knee brace, which improves the welfare of those who wear it from the first moment. Activa-T is an exclusive EHS product, which you will not find anywhere else. Take advantage of our exclusive offers of to get you with this and other products of the highest quality for very small prices. Our main objective, which has led us to lead the national telemarketing market in the last twenty years, is to offer the greatest welfare to our customers.

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