Reduform + Fit Pack - Method to lose weight fast


Buying Redufom get the FitPack multisport kit for free.

Reduform is an advanced slimming method consisting of a belt, a thermal reducing cream, a Mediterranean diet guide, the Get in Shape program with EHS and an explanatory video of use to get the most out of the Reduform method.

FREE FitPack: consisting of a sports mat, carrying case, 3 resistance bands and an exercise table.

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Reduform is the world's most effective advanced weight loss method. An innovative belt that removes fat from the abdomen immediately every time it is used. Just wear it twice a day for ten minutes to see its amazing results. And it is already in Spain!

The Reduform method is the only one on the market that incorporates a state-of-the-art ceramic natural mineral. Its red particles are activated when they come into contact with the body and act directly on fat, dilute it, and make it disappear. Associated with the cream, which you will receive together with the belt, its high thermal conductivity increases the temperature of the abdominal area. This heat accelerates the flow of blood and the activity of our metabolism. In just ten minutes it causes a chain of reactions that make the fat disappear. And what is better, when you remove the belt, its effect continues for more than three hours. In this way, your body will gradually burn fat throughout the day, while you go about your normal life.

In addition, you will receive in digital format the complete Reduform guide to the Mediterranean diet with all kinds of tips and recipes for healthy cooking. But this is not all, we also include our exclusive program "Get in shape" with EHS, and an explanatory video to get the most out of the Reduform method.

Steps to follow

First of all, you need to apply the thermal effect cream. Then, put on the belt and then contract the abdomen while standing for two minutes.

The ceramic mineral will begin to act by increasing the temperature a few degrees and the thermal process that burns the fat and makes it disappear will begin. Then keep the belt on for an additional eight minutes while you go about your daily activities. After ten minutes, you can take it off. The chain reaction that burns fat will have started, and will continue to work for three hours. You won't even notice.

Get FitPack completely free

We offer you an unbeatable and unique offer on the market. For a limited time and completely free, we will send you FitPack, a complete multisport kit composed of a mat, perfect for practicing yoga, Pilates or any other type of exercise, along with three elastic bands (resistance), to strengthen and tone all muscles from her body. FitPack includes a comfortable bag to transport your mat and an exercise table to perform with all this material. Everything is valued at more than € 90 and EHS ships it to you totally free.

Sensational offer

Along with the belt you will receive the thermal effect cream, some instructions for use of the Reduform method, a guide to the Mediterranean diet and a video tutorial to get in shape. We give you the multisport FitPack kit. Because remember, the Reduform method is up to 5 times more effective, if combined with the practice of exercise and a balanced diet. The decision is yours. We send it all to you, and you decide how and when to use it. Get a perfect figure with the Reduform + FitPack super pack!

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Reduform + Fit Pack - Method to lose weight fast
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