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Outdoor lighting has never been so simple and cheap.

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Smart Sun Light is the automatic and solar outdoor light most effective and powerful. Whether you want to light the entrance to your home, the garden or a number of other places, for little money and no facilities, this outdoor light is right for you. Even if you just want to give an elegant touch to any corner.

The great advantage offered by Smart Sun Light is that it is loaded during the day , capturing the energy of the sun's rays even on cloudy days. When your sensors detect that it was done at night, this external light comes on. Thanks to its high capacity battery , these lamps will be illuminated all night long without the need to recharge.

Outdoor solar light that does not need installations

With Smart Sun Light, you will not need to install anything. If you want to fix it on the floor, use your anchor base , which allows you to fasten it to the ground effortlessly. It is perfect for gardens. But if you remove the base, you can leave this led outdoors slightly on the surface you want to illuminate. Tickets, pools, stairs, tables ... You can even put it upright. With Smart Sun Light, neighborhood communities will be much safe and illuminated. And possible accidents will be avoided. It even serves to give a romantic touch to a dinner. Powerful state-of-the-art LEDs create a beam of ten meters, which allows you to see perfectly even on the darkest nights.

With Smart Sun Light, you will be respectful of the environment, as your energy consumption is zero. In addition, you can save on electric bill. You do not need cables or batteries. This exterior light is made of polished stainless steel, completely water resistant and the rest of the time. In addition, it is very resistant, being able to withstand without problems the weight of a cutter.

The Smart Sun Light EHS package offers packages of 4, 8 or 12 units at an absolutely spectacular price. Buy and light your garden at the best price.

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