Confort Gel Premium home slippers 2x1


The Confort Gel Premium Home Slippers are very comfortable and help you improve your posture. Take advantage of the 2x1 offer and buy them now at EHS. Add two pairs of shoes to the cart and you will see how the discount occurs.

€39.95 (VAT incl.)
  • Beige
  • Azul marino
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The secret of these walking shoes is their patented anti-fatigue gel . Thanks to it, you get the best shock absorption on each footprint, feeling a immediate comfort . In addition, the gel gets realign your body posture , getting the back, hips and legs squared. This achieves that pains of back, neck, feet and legs mitigate or directly disappear. It even allows the blood circulation of the whole body to improve. As soon as you put them on and start walking, you will notice an improvement in your well-being at all levels.

Other improvements of the Comfort Gel Premium shoes

Another outstanding feature of the Comfort Gel Premium shoes is in its sole , which gets the best grip, so you can go out with them without any problems. It is made of a high quality material that guarantees the durability of the product. With Comfort Gel Premium you will have shoes for many years. Although they are sheepskin lined to enhance your comfort, the breathability of your microfiber cover means you can wear these shoes even in the hottest time of summer. Comfort Gel Premium are the most comfortable shoes in the world. Surely you will want to get home to put them on and notice how your feet and your whole body rest. Take advantage of the limited time offer of EHS and get two pairs of Comfort Gel Premium for the price of one. Only at EHS do you have the shoes advertised on television. Reject imitations and keep the original telemarketing products. Only Comfort Gel Premium have a patented anti-fatigue gel that will increase your overall well-being with each step. Join more than four million satisfied customers after purchasing at EHS, the largest telemarketing platform in Spain and Portugal.

Comfort Gel Premium sizes correspondence

  • S: 35-37
  • M: 38-39
  • L: 40-42
  • XL: 43-45
Blue and Brown
S: 35-37 M: 38-39 L: 40-42 XL: 43-45
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