Water Chiller - Portable air conditioner ECO


Eco Water Chiller portable air conditioner, which cools, humidifies and purifies your environment in seconds, eliminating all kinds of impurities such as bacteria, mites or viruses. Powerful and lightweight cools a room in seconds.

It also has a 7-color night lamp perfect to use as it removes fear for children.

€39.99 (VAT incl.)
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Eco Water Chiller is portable and light, you can take it anywhere. It is ideal for the office. Do you wake up drenched in sweat? Sleep like a baby with Eco Water Chiller. Or cool off while having a delicious barbecue. Does the heat overwhelm you while you cook? Never again with Eco Water Chiller. Do your children have to study and is it too hot? It will help you with the outstanding. Do you want to relax on the sofa in the living room? With Eco Water Chiller do it in absolute silence.

Eco Water Chiller is very easy to use. Just fill the water tank and press the power button. Cool the house in one click. Instantly humidifies, refreshes and purifies the air!

The secret of Eco Water Chiller is the innovative “Hydro Wind” system that incorporates a special filter made of ecological felt that cools the air instantly, unlike other paper filters.

Air conditioners and fans are expensive, heavy, noisy and consume a lot. Move, cool and purify in absolute silence with Eco Water Chiller.

Eco Water Chiller is capable of lowering the ambient temperature in seconds.

Also use it as a night lamp or fear remover for your baby.

You can choose between 8 practical and fun colored lights.

Eco Water Chiller has three modes of natural cooling; Low: ideal for sleeping, medium: for day to day and high: for outdoors.

Thanks to its unique activated carbon filter on the market, Eco Water Chiller turns your house into a cool and safe place, purifying the air and leaving it free of mites, viruses, bacteria and all kinds of impurities.

What are you waiting for? Get Eco Water Chiller now, a new concept of air conditioning: portable, powerful and quiet that also purifies the air, turning your home into a healthy space. Take Eco Water Chiller and let fresh and safe air enter your life.


950 gr.
20,2 x 19,4 x 17,8 cm
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Water Chiller - Portable air conditioner ECO
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