Perfect View Anti-Reflective Car Visor


Anti-glare sun visor for car. Protect your eyes from sunlight and the glare of spotlights at night. It is very easy to install and valid for any type of vehicle.

€19.95 (VAT incl.)
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The Tac Visor anti-glare visor will allow you to prevent the sun's rays in the day or the flashes of light from the headlights of other cars at night from interfering with your vision, helping you to have a safe and comfortable trip.

ANTI-GLARE: The car's anti-glare visor helps prevent sudden glare from sunlight. This dims strong or high beams from the car or other sources that are pointing directly at you while driving at night

EYE COMFORT: The car's anti-glare visor prevents glare from the sun to prevent eye strain. This is ideal for people who are more susceptible to glare. The visor relieves eye fatigue and effectively protects driving safety under strong light.

EASY TO INSTALL: The anti-glare car sun visor is very quick and easy to install, just put it on the top sun visor. You can easily adjust its position. Visors can be adjusted by rotating 180 degrees to suit your needs.

UNIVERSAL: The car's anti-reflective sun visor is universal in size, compatible with all vehicles. It can also be easily put away in the storage place when not in use. Once folded into place, the space it takes up is minimal.

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