Insta Heater electric heater


Insta Heater electric heater manages to heat a room in just a few seconds and for very little money. Buy it now at the lowest price.

€29.95 (VAT incl.)
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Insta Heater is the perfect companion for the cold winter. This electric heater is plugged into any socket and is capable of heating any room in a few minutes. In addition, it allows you to save money , since it is very energy efficient , being able to increase several degrees in a stay of up to 23 square meters with a cost of very few cents.

An electric heater with the latest technology

The secret of Insta Heater is its super strong radiant microtechnology , which generates heat and spreads to every corner of the room. It also includes a thermostat to regulate the desired temperature at any time. And a fan with two speeds to spread heat more efficiently. Another advantage of this portable electric heater is its very small size, which allows it to be transported without problems between the different rooms of the house.

Why use Insta Heater?

Insta Heater is perfect, for example, to take it with you to the bathroom and to have it warm when you get out of the shower. Also to heat that room even when you turn on the conventional heating is always freezing. Or to ensure that the ceramic floor does not leave your feet frozen in the middle of winter. One of the great advantages offered by this electric plug-in heater is its versatility , which you can always take with you and use it to heat each of the rooms you need. This low-energy heater guarantees maximum energy efficiency , without sacrificing the best comfort in your home. Buy it at the best price through, the website specializing in products advertised on TV.

400 g.
14 cm. (diámetro), 10,5 cm. (fondo)
600 W.
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