Roller to paint Paint & Go

Paint & Go is a paint roller that does not splash, does not drip and that gets the best result in a single pass. Buy it now at EHS at the lowest price.
€24.95 (VAT incl.)
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The Paint & Go paint roller is the best tool so that all the walls are always impeccable. This revolutionary product does not splash, drips and makes the work much easier to paint any surface, even the ceilings. This paint roller stores the paint inside, so it avoids the uncomfortable stains and splashes. Do you think you have to put your whole house upside down to give a hand of paint? It will never be like that anymore. Traditional rollers and brushes require several passes to achieve acceptable results, do not achieve a uniform finish and require significant efforts. In contrast, Paint & Go is a paint roller specially designed not to stain , and to achieve that in a single coat of paint, any surface is perfectly painted. The amount of paint used at each moment is regulated by placing more or less pressure on the wall or ceiling to be painted. It could not be easier. There is no surface or material that can resist Paint & Go.

Paint & Go paint roller accessories

In addition to the paint roller, Paint & Go offers solutions for all types of surfaces . For example, a smaller roll for areas where more precision is needed. And also a comfortable accessory to paint the corners , which are usually quite uncomfortable. Another of the most interesting accessories is the telescopic handle , which will allow Paint & Go to access even the highest roof areas. Finally, you will also get a drawer and a comfortable jug to fill the device when you buy this paint roller kit. Enjoy now Paint & Go for the best market price. Only this paint roller is the original announced on TV. Reject imitations that are not up to scratch and get the fastest and most effective roller for less than a paint bottle costs.

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