Steam Mate vertical iron

Steam Mate is the most professional vertical steam iron that fits in one hand. Iron, clean and sanitize any garment in just a few seconds.

€29.95 (VAT incl.)
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Steam Mate is a vertical iron that leaves you the perfect clothes in seconds. You can iron only with steam. And thanks to its ' contactless ' system you can smooth all types of fabric without touching it. It will no longer be an ordeal to iron the wrinkles of clothes with sequins or embroidery. Have the prints ever been raised? Never again with Steam Mate, the best steam ironing center. The secret of the vertical Steam Mate plate Your secret is the ultra powerful steam jet that, thanks to its 1000 W. power , acts immediately on any fabric, smoothing it to the instant. This vertical plate crosses the fabric without problems. With Steam Mate you can sanitize, deodorize and clean sofas, upholstered chairs, pillows, cushions, slippers or Nordic without spending money on a professional. Until the toys. Your family's health will not be at stake anymore! Steam Mate arrives anywhere and as a cleaner and irons vertically without the need to touch. And for everything: Curtains, ties, suits on hangers ... Using it is the simplest, and the tedious task that is usually ironing becomes a matter of a few minutes. With a vertical iron you will save a lot of money at the dry cleaners. There are fabrics like those of the curtains, coats, suits or some dresses that you do not dare to wash and iron in a traditional way because they are delicate fabrics. With Steam Mate you will be able to iron and clean in one pass and in a simple and very fast way. Steam Mate is an original EHS product. Reject bad quality imitations and buy the only vertical steam iron advertised on television. You have a fifteen day money back guarantee. And of some sales conditions designed so that your shopping experience is optimal. At EHS we always look for your maximum well-being.

Special offer of the vertical Steam Mate plate

As a gift with your Steam Mate ironing center you will get:

  • A support to put your vertical iron without risk to burn you.
  • A cleaning brush.
  • A water meter.
  • A perfect head for delicate items like silk.
  • A bristle head that will help you brush and clean clothes with pet hair, lint or dust.
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