Outdoor LED Solar Universal SunLight

Enjoy the best lighting for your garden, garage and much more.

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The poorly lit areas on the outside of your home will not be a problem with Universal SunLight, the outdoor LED solar light from EHS. This light is recharged by the sun's rays (even on cloudy days), so it is also ecological and helps you save money on the electricity bill. Do not spend, and you will not have to do no maintenance . Its operation is very simple; Thanks to your infrared sensor you will detect the presence and it will light up. Then, when 30 seconds pass and it does not detect movements around, it turns off again. No more stumbling at the entrance to the house, or access to the garage ramp almost blindly. In addition, Universal SunLight is very useful in the presence of thieves , to light up and make them more detectable. You can even use it inside the car (for example, in the trunk) or on the column of the garage where you already touched the car. It can also be very useful in common areas of neighborhood communities.

Universal SunLight, the most powerful sunlight

It has a powerful 180 degree light illuminates the entire area without making shadows. It has a range of ten meters , so you'll see it anywhere you go without any problems. In addition, this solar LED light outside is resistant to different weather conditions, perfectly supporting the rain. Their LED bulbs are designed to work for years and years; more than 10,000 hours of lighting . Universal SunLight has three operating modes . First, the presence light, which turns on when detecting movement and goes off when 30 seconds pass without movement. Second, the security light, more tenuous but constant, ideal for passage areas. Finally, you have the security light mode in person. In this case, the Solar LED light will be on with a soft intensity always, and will increase its intensity when it detects a nearby movement.

The simplest outdoor LED solar light installation

Forget the complications of installing a light on the outside of your home. You will no longer need to pull cable, look for points of light or make unsightly holes. Universal Sun Light is installed in the most simple way. Simply place it on the surface you want, and it will stay perfectly adhered. You do not need drills, screws, cables, plugs or batteries. You just have to place it and enjoy its light.

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200 g.
15 x 11 x 5,5 cm.
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