Anatomical nasal dilator Best Breathe


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Best Breathe is an anatomical nasal dilator that alleviates breathing problems when sleeping, avoiding snoring and minimizing apnea problems.

Perfect for allergy sufferers. Best Breathe facilitates air circulation through the nose, avoiding mouth breathing.

Also recommended for sports or walking.

€39.95 (VAT incl.)
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Best Breathe Nasal Dilator is an effective but discreet remedy for enlarging the nasal airways and reducing air resistance when breathing. The nose can easily be obstructed by a variety of causes, even in such a way that breathing through the nose is impossible. The Best Breathe Dilator widens the nostrils, without the use of nasal sprays and without the administration of drugs. This allows more air to enter the lungs.

When nasal breathing improves, snoring decreases or will disappear completely, since the veil of the palate does not vibrate since breathing through the mouth is rarer. The vibrations of the palate veil do indeed cause snoring. Sports and body performance can also improve considerably. Proper nasal ventilation protects the lungs. Clogged or too narrow nostrils require breathing through the mouth. Therefore, impurities, polluting particles and germs penetrate the body, the air that enters it is not preheated or humidified, which can have negative consequences for our health. Our products have convinced many specialized pharmacists and doctors for many years. Best Breathe. The original only on EHS!

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