Power Zoom Max - Glasses with 2x1 led light


Two sets of Power Zoom Max glasses with 2 covers and as a gift aviator-style sunglasses with their cover.

Magnifying glasses: polycarbonate lens technology with integrated 160% magnification.

LED lights: Two built-in ultra-bright lights to illuminate dark areas.

Adaptation with other glasses: They can also be used with other spectacles, contact lenses or even sunglasses.

Size: unique and unisex

Include: a carrying case

€39.99 (VAT incl.)
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Do you struggle every time you try to read the fine print? Has it become impossible for you to perform delicate tasks? Do you like to read in bed but the small letters tire your eyes and annoy your partner with the light on?

Stop suffering more and get the Power Zoom Max glasses! The new magnifying glasses with built-in LED lights that help you see everything bigger, clearer and brighter, even in dark conditions.

Power Zoom Max glasses use the latest in premium quality polycarbonate lens technology with 160% built-in magnification so you can see everything bigger and more clearly.

Also, best of all, it has 2 high-tech LED lights built into its lightweight frame so that the glasses can be used both day and night! So you can finally enjoy your book without disturbing your partner, work in dark places without straining your eyes or use both hands and focus on your tasks without having to shine a flashlight.

The new Power Zoom Max glasses are specially designed so that you can wear them over your prescription glasses or contact lenses and instantly see bigger things so tasks like threading, reading the fine print or working on a project become in something very easy and fun.

Using Power Zoom Max glasses is like combining 2 flashlights and magnifying glasses in one! And it's scratch resistant so they'll last you for years!

Always carry Power Zoom Max glasses with you, in your bag, in your car, even in your kitchen drawer, and go back to enjoying activities such as sewing, reading or doing your hobbies or projects without worrying or straining your eyes because, Everything will be much bigger, sharper and brighter with the Power Zoom Max glasses!

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