Convection oven SuperChef Premium


The best roasts with 70% less fat and calories.

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This convection oven makes us eat much healthier, reducing the amount of fat and calories needed to cook juicy dishes. Do not sacrifice any flavor, but eliminate more than 70% of the unnecessary fats. The secret of SuperChef Premium is in the use of air to achieve a constant temperature in all corners of the oven. Using fans, the hot air cooks the food. Thus, you do not need extra calories that provide oils or butters to get the best taste of any food.

A fast and versatile convection oven

It can be used to fry foods with French fries, but without the incredible caloric contribution that the oil has in this type of food. Thanks to its capacity of 16 liters, you can cook all kinds of food with SuperChef Premium. You can adjust the exact temperature you want (between 80 and 200 degrees Celsius). Or use a timer so your food is ready just when you want it. It incorporates a system of protection of overheating, so that your oven is always in perfect conditions. And a window with double glazing It also has dehydration function, to give another touch to your stews. And it is a very fast oven, which heats up in a few minutes, getting you to save a lot on the electric bill. You will no longer be afraid to light your oven to cook for fear of what you spend in the light. A good number of accessories are included, such as a 'rotisserie' to roast, for example, chickens evenly while spinning. Or a basket where we can fry potatoes comfortably.

The best design and easy to use

The front control panel of this convection oven is very simple to use. Turn on the oven, use the temperature control and the timer or use the preprogrammed buttons for different foods (meat, fish, chicken, chips, desserts ...). You also have the rotation button, in case you want to use the 'rotisserie' accessory. The design of this convection oven, in black and with metallic details, is also modern and will give a touch of distinction to your kitchen. Do you want to eat healthy without giving up the taste, and not gorging yourself on fats? Do you like chips very much but you can not afford that 'caloric bomb'? SuperChef Premium is perfect for you. Buy it now at the best price on EHS, the largest telesales platform in Spain and Portugal.


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