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Do you want to eat a healthier diet? The Naturmix food crusher can help you. Find out how and buy it at the lowest price in EHS.
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Naturmix is the most powerful, fast and versatile food crusher on the market. Thanks to him, you will be able to take a much healthier diet, rich in vegetables and fruits. This kitchen disposer is able to extract all the nutrients from the food. He achieves it thanks to two elements. First, for your V-shaped blade . And, second, the power of its engine, which can reach 17,000 revolutions (its competitors do not usually reach 7,000) and which incorporates a special ventilation system to ensure durability of the product. The result is that you can process any food in a few seconds, always obtaining a creamy drink without lumps.

The most versatile food grinder

One of the most outstanding features of Naturmix is ​​precisely the different uses that can be given, which will allow you to get rid of other more cumbersome and less useful kitchen tools. Among other things, this shredder is perfect for preparing juices, smoothies, purees, sauces or slushies . And always in a few seconds. Its use can not be simpler. The food is introduced in one of the included glasses and with a single button, they are pulverized. The circular control has the position 1, for a smooth operation, and the 2, in which the maximum power is used, the 17,000 revolutions. Thus, in a few seconds you can beat, grate, shred, liquefy and chop .

An ally for a healthy diet

Naturmix is ​​specially designed to be used with fruits and vegetables . Their different containers, glasses and jars allow for example to take you the shakes or juices that you make with you. Or introduce hot food in a jug to make porridge or purées. In addition, clean this food grinder is the simplest. All this will make you the best ally when it comes to cooking healthy and nutrient-rich foods.


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