Premium Chef Pan - Non-Stick Fry Pan FREE GLOVE



28cm Tri-Layer Non-Stick Frying Pan: It has two outer layers of stainless steel with a middle layer of aluminum that offers excellent scratch resistance. Food doesn't stick and can be cleaned quickly, even in the dishwasher.

Suitable for any type of cooker: the New Premium Chef Pan can be used with gas, electric and induction cookers.

Safe and Reliable: It has passed the FDA food contact material standard safety test and SGS multiple certification.

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€69.99 (VAT incl.) €104.99

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Do you have frying pans that stick to the food, that don't cook properly and that you have to change them all the time? Introducing Premium Chef pan, the ultimate frying pan.
Normally stainless steel frying pans take a long time to heat up, but thanks to its aluminium middle layer, Premium Chef pan offers greater conductivity and even heat distribution. The result? Every part will be perfectly cooked, neither burnt nor undercooked. In Premium Chef Pan your dishes will be simply perfect.
Even if we cook the stickiest foods: honey, cheese, sugar, sweets, chewing gum, chocolate and ketchup, Premium Chef Pan remains as good as new thanks to its non-stick laser-etched surface with a patented design exclusively by Premium Chef Pan. Nothing sticks! Its secret: a metallic outer layer with an ultra non-stick coating. Forget about dirty, petrified residue on the bottom of your pan forever. What's more, Premium Chef is so resistant that you can even use metal cutlery on it without fear of scratching it.
What bothers you most about cooking? That everything doesn't cook evenly and evenly. Premium Chef Pan allows you to cook a large amount of food evenly because it is measured not only by its diameter but also by its depth. And with something as simple as a handle, Premium Chef Pan makes it easy for you to cook anything. It's half frying pan, half casserole, half pot and half wok.
Designed for use in the world's most famous restaurants, Premium Chef Pan is now within your reach. Thanks to its three-layer composition, two layers of tough, non-stick stainless steel and one layer of aluminium in between for rapid heat conduction, Premium Chef Pan is a frying pan. A casserole. A wok. A deep fryer. A pan. A paella pan. One saucepan. A pizza stand and a baking dish. All you need is Premium Chef Pan - it's good for everything! Translated with (free version)

28 cm. (diámetro)
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