Master Copper Grill plate


Master Copper Grill does not stick and its surface never scratches. Buy the Copper Plate from the Master Copper family at the best price.

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With Master Copper Grill , cooking will always be much healthier and easier. This copper plate is the latest product of the successful Master Copper range, of which the most sold copper pans are part of history. The surface of Master Copper has been manufactured with 100% pure copper . This guarantees that the food will not stick, and that the surface will not be scratched in any case. Another of the great advantages of this copper plate is its no smoke technology . Thanks to it, you will always cook without a hint of smoke or odors. Its system of grid and lower tray ensures that the fat that falls from the food remains collected. In addition, it has a temperature controller that ensures that the heat is distributed evenly.

More advantages of the Master Copper copper plate

We do not forget the importance of cleanliness. Master Copper Grill is cleaned in the simplest way. In fact, you can even put the area of ​​the iron in the dishwasher and have it ready for you to use again. In addition, you have a interchangeable plate as a gift so you never run out of your copper plate. So that you can get even more out of it, we give you a complete recipe guide that emphasizes healthy food, because we want you to eat tasty, but also healthy. If you liked Master Copper pans, you will love the last member of the family. And if you did not buy the pans but want a kitchen appliance of the highest quality, in which the food never sticks and is very easy to clean, we recommend you buy Master Copper Grill. Only at EHS you have this completely original copper plate, the same product that you will see on TV.

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