Nailime - Lima electrónica


La lima eléctrica Nailime suaviza, perfila y pule las uñas de los pies y de las manos con un acabado natural potenciando el brillo natural de las uñas.

Eléctrica e inalámbrica.

Tres cabezales intercambiables: lima, alisa y da brillo.

Composición de los cabezales: microminerales no agresivos y libres de químicos

Diseño ergonómico: adecuado tanto para las uñas de las manos como de los pies.

Dos velocidades disponibles: normal y rápido.

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The new electronic file for the care of your nails. It is the easiest, fastest and effortless way to always keep your nails neat and shiny. A complete set for the care of your nails. Perfect hands and feet with just 3 simple steps:

1. LIME: to give the correct shape to your nails, avoiding chips and flaking.

2. SMOOTH: polishes the surface of the nail to remove scratches and imperfections, leaving them smooth. All you need is light pressure and circular motions. It is recommended to use this head with a maximum of 15 seconds per nail every 15 days. Then clean the remains with a towel before moving on to the third and final step.

3. BRIGHTENING: enhances the natural shine of your nails.

Nailime features

- Electric and wireless

- 3 high precision interchangeable heads and easy installation

- Allows to file nails with different shapes / finishes

- Composition of the heads: non-aggressive and chemical-free microminerals

- Suitable for fingernails and toenails

- Ergonomic design suitable for both fingernails and toenails. Reaches every corner

- Small, convenient and portable. You can take it on a trip.

- Shutdown function for safety reasons: in case of putting too much pressure on the nails

- Battery operated: x1 AA

- 2 speeds available: o NORMAL: to start filing or to file more specific or difficult-to-access corners. o FAST: more power for a more glossy finish.

Forget about expensive beauty salons or visits to the hairdresser. Show off perfect hands and feet with Nailime.

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